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Champagne Louis De Sacy Cuvée Brut Originel

57% Pinot Noir, 36% Chardonnay, 7% Pinot Meunier (Base 2015)

Grape Varieties : 57% Pinot Noir, 36% Chardonnay, 7% Pinot Meunier (Base 2015)

Aspect: A fluid and luminous pale yellow-gold colour, with pale yellow highlights in the glass. It is crossed by fine and vivid bubbles providing for a lingering collar.

Aroma : First nose evokes fragrances of honeysuckle, buttercup and acacia, with fruity notes of almond, quince, red apple. When aerated it evolves towards smells of creamy chalk, peppermint, pomelo, clementine, pear, peach.

Taste: Approach in the palate is frank and fresh with a creamy and melted effervescence. Pulpy and crunchy matter, sustained by an acidity reminding those of lemon and pomelo. Middle mouth is orchestrated by clayey-chalk minerality that provides fruity volume, chewy body, saltiness and a long tactile attendance time. The lemony freshness in the finish carries aromatic and tactile richness with delicacy.

Tasting recommendation :  Brut Originel Champagne combines greediness and freshness with refinement, ideally for friendly, festive or more gastronomical tasting. Enjoy your Champagne in a curved flute glass with an ideal tasting temperature from 9 to 14°C (48,2 to 57,2°F).

Review/Awards :

International Wine Challenge 2016: Commended

Gilbert & Gaillard Note: 88/100

Wine Enthusiast Points: 89/100