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Blanche De Normandie (Calvados) – C. Drouin

Normandy Apple

With a fragrance of apples and pears, clear looking, slightly waisted and high shouldered, here comes a new lady you ought to hear of Blanche de Normandie. 

This apple brandy made from the distillation of cider obtained from the very best varieties of apples and pears grown in our orchards is deep rooted in the tradition of Normandy, where people are used to tasting the apple brandy as it comes out of the still to better appreciate its fresh apple aromas. 

You will smell the liveliness of Normandy fruit fragrances when you pour Blanche de Normandie in an iced-up glass. 

The smart, modern packaging of Blanche de Normandie enhances the apple image. 

As an aperitive, Blanche de Normandie can be used as a cocktail basis or as a long drink. You can also have it on the rocks. 

Served in an iced –up glass, it is a refreshing after dinner drink.

Review/Awards :

  • Médaille D’Or : Estonian Wine Challenge 2004
  • Médaille D’Argent : San Francisco World Spirit 2007
  • Spirit Journal 2006 USA : Highly Recommded
  • Wine Enthusiast 2007 : Highly Recommended